Become a Phantoms Volunteer

Bake a Phantoms CakeThe Phantoms Fastpitch is a nonprofit, all-volunteer managed, youth girls tournament softball organization. Become a volunteer! There are many ways:

  • Team representative
  • Fundraising through donations, sponsorships, hoagie sales, pizza sales, candle sales, spaghetti dinner, night at the races, etc.
  • Concessions (cooking, cleaning, serving, food pick-up)
  • Program guide (selling, collecting ads)
  • Apparel (ordering, selling, selection, pickup, distribution)
  • Raffles
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Community involvement by chaperoning during soup kitchens and shelters
  • Tournament meals to players between games (supplying food, food tent set up)
  • Signage

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or just want to know more before committing.

Email us at, or ask a coach, parent, or Board member how you can assist . . . or just do the obvious!

Your time is greatly appreciated by the girls.

Every volunteer organization needs a good engine, and we are committed to keeping ours firing on all cylinders.

Volunteers are always needed, and if you have the extra time, please fill out the form below.